Deep Wireless 7

by Various


Deep Wireless 7 was produced by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) in 2010 as part of the annual Deep Wireless festival in May, a month-long celebration of radio art. Deep Wireless 7 is for radio use only and not for re-sale. NAISA is a non-profit organization that produces performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art.


released June 1, 2010

CD 1

1/ can you say haa? by Reena Katz 13:29
2/ Natural Opera by Alex Cannon 03:39
3/ Tombak by Madjid Tahriri 04:51
4/ Through a door by Sarah Boothroyd 07:47
5/ Chronostasis (excerpt) by Andreas Bick 05:07
6/ cave_music preview by Erik Ross 11:00
7/ My Path Today by Matteo Pogo and Valeria Merlini 02:23
8/ Homespun (topophilia) Alexander Baker 11:14
9/ Where Is Home? by Viv Corringham 00:57
10/ The Rocket by Richard Sebastian Lavoie 04:22
11/ A deux voix moments (Moments for Two Voices) by Andrea Cohen and Wiska Radkiewicz 11:12

CD 2

1/ In My Language I Am Smart by Dragan Todorovic 08:27
2/ I wish by Steven Naylor 09:45
3/ Miutes Tessituras by Andrea-Jane Cornell and Emilie Mouchous 12:25
4/ No Place Like Home by Martin Williams 01:01
5/ Sustenance (excerpt) by Nichola Scrutton 11:30
6/ What if? from the collection Out of House And Home by Nicole Grutter 01:18
7/ Homespun by David Hindmarch 14:00
8/ Kaliash (excerpt) by Debashis Sinha 05:09
9/ Canciones de las Madres by Cherie Moses 13:24



Sarah Boothroyd

The audio work of Canadian Sarah Boothroyd has been featured by broadcasters, festivals and galleries in over 25 countries. She has won awards from New York Festivals, Third Coast International Audio Festival, the European Broadcasting Union, and La Muse En Circuit. ... more

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